What is the OCM:

During the past month of January 2014 we introduced the Municipal Citizens Observatories, a tool of citizen empowerment that helps us to get organized for the supervision and control of the spending in our town councils, and to demand explanations on the way our money is being managed.



First achievements:

These last months, the response of the citizenship has been amazing, more than xxx collectives have shown interested to know this tool, and more than xxx Observatories have already been created-



Need for improvement:

With experience gained setting up these projects we have identified areas of improvement, shortcomings in the initial project, and new tools that could make our work more effective.




In order to achieve these objectives we have calculated we would need a total of X thousand euros, that would be destined to programming, design, extension, etc.



We are asking for your participating.



Thank you for your collaboration.

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