Take the OCM to the street

Now you have put together a group, prepared the website and organized yourselves to manage the enquiries. It’s time to make the services of your OCM known to the population of your municipality. Although it’s important to keep increasing your working team, it’s critical for the citizenship to know it and use it. There’s no use having a great organized structure if nobody uses it. We ourselves as citizens can also use it, but remember that our purpose as OCM motivators is for it to be used by the greatest number of people possible.


In spite of the possibilities of the project, it’s success may not be immediate: Trust is won over time. The public administrations (politicians and civil servants) have no culture of transparency, but in general the citizenship doesn’t either. Be patient.


There are many ways to do it, and the decision on how to do it is yours. For example, you may:


  • Organize information tables.
  • Make presentations in any space or collective you deem appropriate.
  • Contact local press (radio, written press, online press) and make broadcasting.
  • Participate in actions reclaiming transparency and participation in the municipality.
  • Be present in plenary sessions to keep in touch with what is done, and learn more about the way the town council works.
  • Help spread project to other nearby municipalities and create a support network of neighbouring observatories.
  • Organize regular assemblies for the assessment of enquiries and to explain the work you have done; we all have to be transparent.
  • Make your own information newsletters.
  • Organize training sessions to encourage the use of the tool and make it easier for the admission of new people to the team.