Who are we

We are members of the Citizens Debt Audit Platform (PACD) in Spain, that works from self-managed nodes coordinated in a state level. We have ties at an international level with the International Citizen Audit Network (ICAN). Our objectives are:


  • Dismantle the official discourse on the crisis
  • Encourage transparency
  • Connect struggles
  • Refine responsibilities
  • Empower citizenship

    Within the PACD we are part of the commission who works the municipal audit line, together with mixed groups of people from several municipalities with or without OCM who are working for transparency and participation in their towns.


    We are a platform made by people from several associations, from NGOs working on debt from the South, from the Indignados movement and from citizens in general of a varied sort. It’s a space open for participation and collaboration.


    Contact with us through the mail: info@ocax.net